We were 10 days into rehearsal, plus a good 10 months into pre-production, when COVID shuttered every theatre in the nation.

I had the perfect, mostly all-British, cast, and we were the first US production to cast an actor with a disability to play Josephine. Everyone was doing beautiful work in roles that were made for them.

It’s been an acute loss felt by the entire company.

Joe Egg company, table work, March 7, 2020

Allison Cameron Gray, Troy Blendell, Christopher Moscatiello (sound designer), Sheelagh Cullen, Jocelyn Hublau (costume designer), Robin Larsen (director), John Iacovelli (set designer), Elizabeth Arends, Taylor Kass (assistant director), Nick Court, Sasha Higgins, Christopher Breyer (dramaturge)


April 17, 2023 

Joe Egg was one of the final set designs by the great John Iacovelli. It was my first and last time to work with the celebrated veteran designer, who died last week. Our collaboration included a work session at John’s house, where I met his devoted sister, who was visiting to care for him; a trip to Goodwill to scout for set dressing (where he bought me a Virgo mug); and a lot of good theatre gossip. John loved to talk about the play and the given circumstances. I will always cherish our collaboration and his drawing of our set within a set.