Almost nothing better than getting to sink your teeth into a 10 minute play over 3 rehearsals with a talented playwright, Lisa Kenner Grissom, and two fine actors, Antaeus members Jules Wilcox and Joe Holt.

I talk to my actors a lot about finding and exploring the must/mustn’t inherent in the circumstances (working with Arye Gross recently, he called must/mustn’t: the push/pull). Whatever you call it, it creates a friction between what the character wants and what stands in the way of what they want.

The must/mustn’t here with Lisa’s play was clear and delicious. Two old college flames meet in an LAX restaurant during a layover. The connection/attraction is palpable (the must), but there are ties that bind them to their current lives (the mustn’t).

PHOTO: Feb 7, 2015