Acting Coaching

Robin’s early training and experience as an actor makes her uniquely skilled in the actor’s process. Her precise work with actors has distinguished her as a respected acting coach for working actors.

Robin Offers:

Industry Pros Say About Robin’s Acting Coaching:

“Robin is my not-so-secret secret weapon. She makes me a better actor and raises the bar on my work.”

Damon Wayans, Jr, Actor

“It was an absolute pleasure working with Robin on a role that was quite different than what I’m normally asked to do. She made me feel very comfortable and ultimately much more confident about my work. She helped me flesh out the character in a way I certainly couldn’t have on my own.”

Chris Parnell, Actor

“I learned so much from Robin. She gave me the skills to tackle a scene, and I’ve applied those skills in all the work that’s followed. Her guidance is unmatched.”

Suzy Nakamura, Actor

“I’ve known Robin for 20 years, so believe me when I say she doesn’t miss a trick. She’s perceptive and discerning, and she makes you the best actor you can be.”

Brian Baumgartner, Actor

“Robin’s guidance is not only exquisitely specific but also extremely accessible; she communicates with great clarity and always helps me bring variety and honesty to my work. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Deborah Puette, Actor

“Robin is easily my first choice of acting coaches in town. I’ve seen her work wonders with actors.”

Joe Russo, Producer/Director

The Press Says About Robin’s Work with Actors:

“Robin Larsen’s direction keeps the dramatic focus sharp. The two actors are excellent, delivering emotional and detailed work.”


“In her emotionally astute staging, director Robin Larsen sets her dream cast loose upon Albee’s material…you will be richly rewarded by their vivid performances.”

Los Angeles Times ‘Critic’s Choice’

In director Robin Larsen’s riveting West Coast premiere rendition, it’s a funny and heart-wrenching vehicle for four astonishingly effective actors. Magnificent.

Backstage Critic’s Pick

“The production is superb, with an amazing cast…Director Robin Larsen… leads her cast to layered, brilliant work.

Talkin’ Broadway

“Then there’s the maestro — Robin Larsen… Extracting astoundingly fine performances from the entire cast of six…”.

Stage Raw

“Director Robin Larsen…elicits from her stellar trio of leads three of the best performances you’ll see all year.”

Stage Scene LA

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