I’m excited to return this coming fall to the unparalleled Antaeus Company where I will direct Chekhov’s Uncle Vanya. In cahoots with the fabulous Arye Gross (who initiated the project, and will play Vanya), and dramaturge, Christopher Breyer, we’ve been getting actors around the table in the Antaeus library to read different translations of the play.

We’ve heard adaptations/translations by:
Annie Baker, Paul Schmidt, Carol Rocamora, Andrew Upton, Michael Frayn, Tyrone Guthrie

It’s been fascinating for all involved to hear these different takes on the same source material. In addition, it’s been a gift for me to hear the play read aloud this early in my prep phase.

Thank you to these gifted actors for helping us explore:

Lily Knight, Ann Noble, Bo Foxworth, Rob Nagle, JD Cullum, Stephen Caffrey, Dawn Didawick, Harry Groener, Larry Pressman, Sam Anderson, Anne Gee Byrd, Deborah Puette, Liz Swain, Jeanne Syquia, Charlotte Gulezian, Amelia White, Geoffrey Wade, Bekah Tripp, Zoe Perry, John Apicella, Tony Abatemarco, Jules Wilcox, Henri Lubatti, Emily Swallow, Jeff Nordling, Adrian LaTourelle, Linda Park, Marcelo Tubert, Nike Doukas, Greg Itzin, Ned Schmidtke, John Alee, Kyle Johnston, Bob Machray, Barbara Tarbuck, Claudette Nevins, Linda Lodge, Kristy Johnson

And thank you Antaeus for your commitment to digging in.

A reading or two to come in January, and then we’ll convene with the artistic directors to choose the right translation for our purposes…